I’m the founder of dev61 and one of the founders of Sunny E-Brand.

dev61 is a studio of Software Artisans, devoted to designing, crafting & taking care of products that are useful and easy to use.

@ dev61 Trust is our currency and Care is our mantra.

We believe that, using our products, you should feel you’re getting things done quickly, easily and in the right way. This is how we measure the joy factor of our products.

Sunny E-Brand is a distributor of Made in Italy products, specialized in selling to the online Flash Sales market.

I’ve developed the Sunny E-Brand software platform that allows the company to manage hundreds of sales events with the support of a single back office team member.

The platform receives thousands of packing lists and photo-sets coming from more than 200 Italian Brands. With few clicks you can normalize all the information in a format that is suitable for a 1-click upload in the most used e-commerce software platforms like Magento.

On top of the packing list and photo management, the platform adds a process management layer that guides you in managing a complex calendar of events from building offers till checking the delivery results while following each step of the company processes.

This helps Sunny E-Brand in reducing as much as possible the chance of human errors while maximizing the opportunity to sell the stock of products that the Brands make available for selling.

I’ve spent more than 20 years in the ICT market working for Microsoft, Novell, Cisco and other tech companies.

I love my family, building businesses, coding, fountain pens, motorbikes and every place 6500ft or above.

You can get something more about me visiting my Linkedin profile.

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