A fast paced 5 days workshop that will help you get more effective. We’ll work together on leveraging your existing assets and use them at their best.

This workshop is dedicated to business owners. We’ll need 2 weeks to run it. Three days on the first week and two days on the second week. This is a huge commitment to make and we do realize that, as a business owner you’ll need some free time, during the workshop, to keep things running.

We’ll cover:

  • Perception
  • Knowledge
  • Direction
  • Time managment
  • External Factors
  • Fears
  • Success recipes

On day 3 we’ll do together some key data digging about your company. This means you have to be ready to open the kimono. We commit to keep all the collected information strictly confidential, so have your NDA ready for us to sign.

If you are a reseller of branded products don’t forget to check with the brand if they have marketing funds available to finance this workshop for you. If they care about you they will do.

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