Twitter Lesson: How do you read a twitter profile page?

Twitter profile pages are a good tool to understand what is the value the Company, or individual owning the profile, should give to their social presence.
Let’s take 4 IT giants. Dell, HP, Cisco and Apple and let’s look at their numbers to see if they are teaching us some twitter lessons.


101K Employees
35800 Tweets.


49K Employees
38100 Tweets.


66K Employees
13400 Tweets.


115K Employees
0 Tweets.


Now, knowing that Marnie the dog, in a couple of years, will have more followers than these giants makes me feel sick.

I still remember a sales meeting at Cisco and, the at that time CEO, John Chambers saying something like: ” We can only be #1 or #2 in everything we do… and, by the way, I want at least 51% market share”. Looks like Twitter is something Cisco does not want to do.

Different story for Apple. I didn’t realize that the longest queue on earth is not in front of the NYC Apple Store, on the day Apple starts selling a new phone. There are close to 1 million people that from September 2011 (this is almost 6 years) are waiting for the first @Apple Tweet.

Twitter lessons learned: getting it right is not a matter of money, but a matter of purpose. As proven by the 1.4 Million followers of Tim Ferriss (@tferriss).

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